Stranger In A Strange Land

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Bitter non-Christian Singing Cat
1 April 1983
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The girl (formerly) known as vjeranadaljubav - 23, crazy and confused. Loves chocolate, cats, computers, and coffee. Aspires to get a job someday that actually pays for her rent. Is the human version of Switzerland at times. Moved to Croatia this year to study. Has lived in Ukraine, Germany and USA in the past. Went on her first trip at the age of two months and never stopped since.

This LJ is largely unlocked, but there are some f-locked posts concerning family, emotional wangsting and suchsome, so if you wanna read those just friend me and I'll friend you back, unless you're some crazy maniac. I am also a notoriously erratic updater and sometimes wander off for stretches of time.
35th regiment, angst, anxiety, arabic, austria, azerbaijan, baku, balkans, bard college, bcs, belarus, beograd, bijelo dugme, bisexuality, blackadder, books, bosnia, budapest, bungee jumping, cafe, cats, central europe, central european university, coffee, crna gora, croatia, cross-stitch, cultural dislocation, cute boys, dalmacija, depression, digital photography, dubrovnik, dutch, eastern europe, ex-yu, feral tribune, fes, firefighting, french, germany, goražde, historical re-enactment, hrvatska, hungary, hvar, jadran, kazakhstan, kiev, knitting, kosovo, language, languages, love, montenegro, monty python, morocco, mst3k, napoleonic re-enactment, napoleonic wars, new york city, norwegian forest cats, orange revolution, orthodox christianity, plitvice, politics, port st. george, russian, sadness, sahara, sarajevo, serbia, serbian, serbo-croatian, sewing, skiing, slovenia, spanish, split, srbija, stari grad, study abroad, summer, swimming, television, tourism, translation, travel, traveling, ukraine, ukrainian, venice, vladimir vysotsky, vojvodina, vukovar, washington dc, ypgd, yugoslavia, zagreb, Україна, английский, балканы, беларусь, высокие мужчины, діалект, книги, кошки, мова, мовознавство, путешествовать, русский язык, соціолінгвістика, суспільство, українська мова, фотография, шоколад, экстрим, язык

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